Cash Register Express

Cash Register Express (CRE) by pcAmerica is a robust point of sale (POS) solution tailored for retail stores and small businesses. Let me provide you with an informative description:

Comprehensive Functionality:

CRE caters to various retail niches, including liquor stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, and other specialty retailers.
Key features include:Inventory Management: Efficiently track stock levels, automate reordering, and manage product availability.
Customer Loyalty: Enhance customer relationships by offering loyalty programs and personalized incentives.
Time Cards: Monitor employee work hours and streamline payroll processes.
Permission Levels: Control access rights for different staff roles.
Advanced Reporting: Access detailed sales analytics and performance metrics.
Credit Card Processing Integration: Seamlessly handle secure payment transactions.

Standalone Solution:

Unlike cloud-based POS systems, CRE operates independently from the internet.
It can be purchased on a one-time basis without ongoing subscription payments.

Integrated Hardware:

CRE provides integrated hardware options, including:Barcode Scanners: Efficiently scan product barcodes during checkout.
Receipt Printers: Generate transaction receipts for customers.
Credit Card Readers: Facilitate secure payment processing.
Customer-Facing Screens: Enhance the checkout experience.

User Testimonials:

Retailers appreciate CRE’s:Ease of Use: Intuitive interface for hassle-free operations.
Feature-Rich Capabilities: Comprehensive tools for managing various aspects of the business.
Best Value: Competitive pricing without compromising on features.
Multi-Store Support: Ideal for businesses with multiple locations.
Compatibility with Various Payment Processors: Flexibility in choosing payment partners.


Not Supported on Android/iOS/Mac OS: CRE operates on Windows platforms.
Intermediate Windows Knowledge Required for Setup: Some technical familiarity is necessary.
Limited Cloud Integration: Cloud features are not as robust as some cloud-based solutions.
In summary, Cash Register Express streamlines operations, enhances profitability, and ensures efficient customer checkout.