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FR408 Desktop Scanner

FR408 Desktop Scanner

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Our advanced scanner is built for top-tier durability and efficiency, withstanding 1.2m drops onto concrete from any angle. Its IP52-rated seal protects against dust, water, and contaminants, ensuring long-lasting performance in various environments. An integrated IR sensor enables rapid barcode capture, significantly boosting productivity. A top-mounted switch allows quick toggling between Normal and High Motion Tolerance modes, offering flexibility for different scanning needs. Using Newland’s sixth-gen UIMG® technology, this CPU-based scanner reads both 1D and high-volume 2D barcodes, even on screens with protective films. Its motion tolerance of 2.5m/s and wide field of view (51° horizontal, 32° vertical) accommodate rapid movements and broad scanning angles. Enhance your efficiency and reliability with our state-of-the-art scanner, designed for robust and versatile performance.

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