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NRS POS Bundle featuring Clean Rate

NRS POS Bundle featuring Clean Rate

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Revamped Point of Sale Bundle with NRS Software and Hardware Utilizing the Clean Rate Merchant Services Program

Upgrade your retail store operations with the comprehensive POS bundle from NRS, combining top-notch hardware and versatile software tailored to your business needs. This all-inclusive package equips your store with essential tools for seamless transactions and efficient management.

Hardware Components:

  • Touch Screen for Cashier: Streamline checkout processes with a user-friendly touch interface, enhancing speed and accuracy.
  • Customer Facing Screen: Engage customers by allowing them to view transaction details in real-time, fostering transparency and trust.
  • Barcode Scanner: Enable swift and precise scanning of product barcodes and IDs for age verification, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  • High-Speed Thermal Printer: Produce clear and professional receipts promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Sturdy Cash Drawer: Safely store cash and manage transactions with a durable and secure cash drawer, promoting organized cash handling.

Software Options: Choose from two feature-rich POS software plans tailored to meet your specific business requirements:

  1. NRS Basic Plan: Includes POS functionalities, inventory management, Pricebook, promotions, vendor management, emailed sales reports, phone and chat tech support, remote management App, and more. This plan accommodates three users and one ad on the customer facing display.
  2. NRS Pro Plan: Offers unlimited users and three ads on your customer display, in addition to all features included in the Basic Plan.

Pricing Details:

  • NRS Basic Plan: $19.95 per month.
  • NRS Pro Plan: $29.95 per month.

Additional Information:

  • Bundle Price Eligibility: This special bundle price is exclusively available to customers enrolled in NRS's Clean Rate Merchant Services Program (NRSPAY Clean Rate).
  • Clean Rate Merchant Services Program Benefits: Enjoy the convenience of a flat rate for credit card, debit card, and EBT transactions at 2.49% and $0.10 per transaction, along with a monthly statement fee of $10.00.
  • Warranty Coverage: All hardware components included in the bundle come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty, with optional extended warranty periods available for added peace of mind.

Upgrade your retail operations today with the NRS POS bundle, combining cutting-edge hardware, versatile software, and streamlined payment processing through the Clean Rate Merchant Services Program. Experience enhanced efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability in your store.

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