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SAM4s ER-920 Cash Register

SAM4s ER-920 Cash Register

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The 920 programmable keyboard, designed for restaurants, can be customized for your menu. We provide a tool for creating and maintaining your own custom keyboard templates, so you don't have to rely on a dealer. This keyboard is large enough to handle a big menu and offers multiple levels.

The Single Station Thermal Printer

The 920 features fast, quiet, thermal printing, making it very durable. Drop-in loading makes changing paper easy and fast. The 920 uses 2.25" thermal paper, the most common size available on the market.

Includes Standard RS-232 Communication

With the serial ports on the 920, you can connect to various devices like kitchen printers, computers, text overlay for DVR, and more. The most common device is a Datacap Twin Tran credit card interface, making payments seamless and with fewer errors. With Datacap, this register can also accept gift cards.

Management Reports Include:

  • Complete Financial Reports in X and Z formats
  • Individual Clerk/Cashier report available
  • Hourly Sales Analysis
  • Reporting for up to 50 Clerks/Cashiers
  • PLU, Group, and Stock Reports
  • Period-To-Date Financial (monthly), Hourly, Cashier, Group, and PLU Reports
  • Sales by Day Report for 31 Days
  • Open Check Report
  • Electronic Journal

Unlike older cash registers, the 920 has a single printer for receipts but allows an electronic journal (EJ) for your audit trail. The EJ replaces the hard copy printed audit tape and can be printed on demand.

Reliable System Components

The 920 is a commercial-grade register, and the cash drawer features media slots and a removable 5-bill, 5-coin drawer insert with adjustable coin dividers.

The ER-920 Series

The ER-920 is part of the 900 series. For a model with both a receipt and journal printer, consider the SAM4s ER-940.

SAM4s ER-920 with a Credit Card Terminal

If you plan to connect your ER-920 to a credit card terminal, consider our package available at no cost with a qualifying merchant services program. Integrating payments with your register enhances speed, accuracy, and reduces fraud. Cashiers must register a transaction before processing a card.

Standard Warranty and Extended Warranty Options for the ER-920 Model

The standard warranty for this model is a six-month depot warranty. With a depot warranty, you pay for shipping the machine to us for repair, and we cover the shipping back to you. Every attempt is made to resolve issues via phone before requiring shipping for repair. Extended depot warranties are available for up to 54 months.

You also have the option to upgrade to an overnight exchange warranty. This includes overnight shipping of a replacement register and covering the cost of shipping the broken machine back. Overnight exchanges do not include Saturday deliveries. For example, if you request an exchange on a Friday, you will receive the replacement on Monday. Replacement requests must be received by 11 am PST for same-day shipping; otherwise, the machine will ship the next business day.

For more information about this model, please contact us.

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