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SAM4s ER-945 Cash Register

SAM4s ER-945 Cash Register

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SAM4s ER-945 Cash Register: The Comprehensive Retail Solution

Explore the SAM4s ER-945, a versatile entry-level retail cash register that is ideal for businesses looking for a mix of simplicity and advanced features. This model boasts a 21-button raised keyboard that can be customized for either open entry sales or preset amounts, making it flexible for various retail needs.

Key Features:

  • Programmable Buttons: Each button can be programmed with unique descriptions and tax statuses, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • EBT Compatibility: Advanced EBT management allows you to process sales with both EBT eligible and non-eligible items efficiently. The register automatically calculates EBT amounts and reverses applicable taxes.
  • Dual Printer System: Equipped with both receipt and journal printers, providing backup and detailed record-keeping.
  • Barcode Scanning and Credit Card Integration: Enhance your checkout process with optional barcode scanning and integrated credit card payments with a pin pad.
  • Extensive Storage: Supports up to 22,000 UPCs/SKU items, suitable for stores with extensive product ranges.

Additional Capabilities:

  • Daily and monthly sales reports for comprehensive financial tracking.
  • Optional text inserter for connecting to a surveillance system, enhancing security.
  • Produce scale for accurate measurement of various items.
  • Expandable keyboard and SD card port for increased functionality.
  • Optional PC interface for greater management control.

Ideal Deployment: The ER-945 has been effectively utilized in a wide range of businesses, including convenience stores, liquor stores, discount stores, bakeries, and more. Its flexibility in sales entry methods, whether through barcode scanning or manual category input, makes it a preferred choice for many retailers.

Alternative Options: For businesses that require only one printer, the SAM4s ER-925 offers similar features to the ER-945 but includes only a receipt printer, streamlining operations for those who do not need a journal printer.

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