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SAM4s SAP-6600II

SAM4s SAP-6600II

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Optimized for Retail Environments: The SAM4s SAP-6600II POS System

User-Friendly and Cost-Effective Solution for Retailers

The SAM4s SAP-6600II, powered by the robust SAM4pos application, is a favorite among retailers nationwide due to its ease of use and affordability. This POS system stands out for its versatility and independence from cloud-based operations, allowing for seamless integration with any credit card provider. Purchase it outright and avoid ongoing payments, keeping all your sales data securely onsite.

Robust Retail Features

The SAM4s SAP-6600II is equipped with an array of powerful retail functionalities designed to streamline operations:

  • Support for over 100,000 UPCs
  • Handling of multiple sales tax rates
  • Capability to process EBT payments and bottle deposits
  • Advanced pricing options including mix and match

Customizable to Meet Your Specific Needs

Enhance your SAM4s SAP-6600II system by selecting from a wide range of additional POS components:

  • Integrated mobile tablet with barcode scanner for dynamic inventory management
  • Produce/meat scales for accurate measurements
  • Barcode printers for efficient labeling
  • Customer displays and integrated credit card terminals for enhanced customer interactions
  • Compatibility with the Altria and RJR scan data programs for additional functionalities
  • Text inserters and coin dispensers to expedite transactions

Mobile Management Solutions

Imagine managing your store's pricing and inventory directly from the sales floor. With our ruggedized 10-inch tablet featuring a built-in barcode scanner and Wi-Fi connectivity, this is now a reality. This mobile solution allows you to update prices, add new items, and even print barcodes and shelf tags on the go. It also serves as an effective line-busting tool during peak hours.

Seamless Integration with Valuable Add-On Services

Leverage the SAM4pos system's Scan Data Interface to connect your tobacco sales with distributors, enabling rebates and customer loyalty rewards for multi-pack purchases. Additionally, our optional mobile app provides remote access to sales data, ensuring you're always connected to your business.

Ready to Transform Your Retail Operations?

Contact us today to explore if the SAM4s SAP-6600II is the right choice for your business. We offer personalized consultations, feature comparisons, and live online demonstrations to show you the system's capabilities in action, from entering UPCs to generating reports.

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