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SAM4s SPS-320 Cash Register

SAM4s SPS-320 Cash Register

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Product Description

The SAM4s SPS-320 is a robust restaurant cash register designed for quick service environments, bars, taverns, and clubs, where speed and simplicity are crucial. This model belongs to the SPS-300 series, known for its unique features tailored to various service settings.

Key features of the SPS-320 include:

  • Large Flat Keyboard: Specifically designed for food service to facilitate fast order entry.
  • Single Receipt Tape Printer: This popular configuration simplifies operations and reduces costs by eliminating the need for a second paper roll.

For businesses requiring a dual-printer setup to maintain a live journal tape, the SPS-340 model offers an excellent alternative with nearly identical features but includes a second printer for live audit tracking.

Advantages of the Electronic Journal

The SPS-320 model utilizes an electronic journal that records transactions directly to memory. This system allows for printing on demand, which can be both advantageous and limiting:

  • Pros: Saves on paper and reduces the initial cost compared to dual printer models.
  • Cons: Requires manual initiation of printouts for journal entries and depends on available memory, which may overwrite old entries if not properly managed.

User Experience

Operators will appreciate the eight-line LCD display that significantly eases tasks like programming and daily operation. The display allows for viewing multiple entries at once and scrolling to verify transactions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency at the checkout.

Custom Programming and Support

We offer tailored programming for your specific business needs, accompanied by six months of dedicated support from our experienced in-house technicians. This service includes:

  • Personalized Setup: A detailed worksheet will guide you through customizing every aspect of your register's functionality, from button assignments to color preferences.
  • Professional Guidance: With this option, you'll have direct access to our support team for any programming changes or operational queries.

Integration and Security

Enhance your service speed and security by integrating your register with direct credit card payments:

  • Reduced Fraud Risk: Requires transactions to be registered before processing, minimizing the chance of credit card fraud.
  • Gift Card Acceptance: Expands your payment options to include gift cards, benefiting both customer convenience and business operations.

Additional Models and Features

For establishments that need both receipt and journal printers, the SAM4s SPS-320 is also available in a configuration that includes both. Explore more about this model and others to find the perfect fit for your business needs.

Free Programming Utility

With every purchase, receive a free PC utility for programming and data management (cable required). This software enhances your ability to manage a large database of PLUs or UPCs efficiently.

Warranty Options

The SAM4s SPS-320 comes with a six-month depot warranty, covering repairs and return shipping. Extended warranties and overnight exchange options are also available, ensuring continuous operation without significant downtime.

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