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SAM4s SPS-340 Cash Register

SAM4s SPS-340 Cash Register

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Product Description

The SAM4s SPS-340 is a feature-rich restaurant cash register and a part of the esteemed SPS-300 series. It closely resembles its counterparts, except it is equipped with both a receipt and a journal printer. This dual-printer setup is ideal for businesses preferring physical printouts for both receipts and live journal entries, as opposed to an electronic journal.

Historically, cash registers included both types of printers until the advent of electronic journals, which offer certain advantages. However, the live printed audit tape remains superior for immediate access to transaction records, making it easier to track discrepancies such as overrings.

Derived from the popular ER-650 model, the SPS-340 inherits all its predecessor's advantages and enhances them with modern features like an SD card slot, additional serial ports, and the option to choose between using audit tape or not. The transition from the ER-650 to the SPS-340 is seamless, thanks to a nearly nonexistent learning curve, which will be particularly appreciated by those familiar with the older model.

Comprehensive Features

  • Credit Card Integration: Compatible with the Datacap Twin Tran or SmartECR, this register also supports text insertion for DVR systems.
  • Customizable Displays and Printers: Features an adjustable 8-line alpha-numeric LCD and a high-speed thermal printer that can handle everything from simple receipts to complex graphic logos and promotional messages.
  • Connectivity and Expansion: Offers two standard RS-232C ports, optional serial ports, and SD card functionality for easy save/load operations, updates, and data archiving.
  • Optional UPC Scanning: Enhances inventory management and sales operations.

Custom Programming and Support

Choose our custom programming and support option for hassle-free setup tailored to your business needs. This includes a comprehensive six-month support package delivered by our in-house American technical staff. This service ensures you can start using your register immediately after unboxing, with all features programmed as per your specifications.

Model Options and Warranty

The SPS-340 is also available as a single-printer model under the SAM4s SPS-320. It comes with a standard six-month depot warranty, with options for extended warranties and an overnight exchange service to minimize any potential downtime.

Feel free to contact us for more information about customizing your SAM4s SPS-340 to suit your business requirements.

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